In this line of work it’s always busy in February. Realtors are running around putting the finishing touches on new listings, while also doing their best to make sure last year’s inventory doesn’t get forgotten.  They’re wondering where to spend their marketing money and trying to sort out masses of receipts before the CRA comes calling. It’s an exciting month, but a nerve-wracking one too. We’re all looking for some sign that it’s going to be a good twelve months. We’re a nervous, excitable, and even insecure bunch in the middle of winter, that’s what I find.

I’m part of that crowd too. I’m planning to freshen up the website in the coming weeks, and the format of my newspaper ad. I’ve been convinced to get a new photo taken of me (not the one above - can you imagine what that would do to my business), and as always I want to be a little more organized in my day-to-day routines. I’d like to build the business too, of course, and I have some good plans, some exciting ideas that I’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks and months. I think you’ll like them. I want to do some video walk-throughs of my listings, shot and narrated by yours truly. And I'm going to add profesional floorplans to all the listings. And .... Well, there's more, and bigger news. But you'll have to wait for that.

In the short-term there are a few properties in the fruit belt to get ready (all in the mid 200s!) and an exciting and stylish new-build set amid granite and maples just north of the city, and even a sweet bungalow out in the west end. There will be more (there had better be more), but it’s a fine start, and it feels encouraging to me. I’ll be in touch, that’s what I’m saying, and if you feel like doing the same (and aren’t already working with a realtor), my contact info is around here somewhere.

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