I’ve written a few books and published them. And I’ll do that again, I hope. There’s a novel I’ve started and restarted, for instance. And ideas for a couple of others. There were some mildly encouraging noises made when the earlier work appeared. Enough anyway to think that there will be publishers willing to take a chance. I’m a lucky guy. I’ve said that in various contexts, but it’s true here too.

All of which is just dull preamble to the real point of this, which is to remind you that Writersfest starts today (September 28) and it’s a heck of a line-up this year. I’m not always excited to hear writers read their stuff, to be honest (blasphemy, I know), but David Mitchell is a favourite of mine, and Emma Donoghue is here, and Annie Proulx, so there are three names that would stand out in any crowd. There are wonderful local authors here too – Julie Salverson has a cool new atomic memoir, for instance (I’m just going to leave that description unexplained) – and Lisa Moore is here, and Eleanor Wachtel, and Peter Behrens. As Donald Trump might say, We’ve got great people coming, great people. The only difference is I’m telling the truth when I say it.

I’ve got to own up to the fact that I was a board member with WritersFest for a couple of years, so I’m especially keen to see earlier successes get built on (which is an awful sentence). And I’m hosting/moderating a few events this year, if I can find my way to the right room, so maybe I’ll see you there. is the website. Check out the line-up and schedule there.

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