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(Written in March.) I sat in my car outside a pretty downtown house that had just been listed for sale. The ploughs have pushed a lot of snow to the curb lately and I had to mount one of those abrupt slump-faced piles in order to leave room for traffic to get past. It felt a bit like I was in a very small jet...


Royal LePage

A lot has changed in the last few days. Or perhaps not much has changed at all. I can’t quite decide. On Monday morning a meeting was called at my office and it was announced then, without much fanfare but in the presence of some new faces, that Prudential Town Centre Realty was no more.


Damn it, I’ve decided that I've got do something to compete with all the special offers out there. The free trips to Vegas. The I’ll buy your house if I can’t sell it gambit. The reno rebates. Take a spin, if you will, through the real estate pages, and you’ll see that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in Realtorland right now. The incentives are huge.


It’s just a fence, I recognize and acknowledge that, but it’s made so much difference this spring to my sense of wellbeing that I’d like to dwell a moment or two on this pretty length of freshly-installed white cedar, perhaps even figure out why it makes me feel the way it does.


Fenghua Bridge, Marc Mimram

I’ve talked before about how the interesting people I meet are a big part of the satisfaction I derive from this job as realtor. A couple of weeks ago I met a new client at my Helen St listing (now sold). Liu lives in China and her daughter is at school here.


Alien Attack!

Unless all the doctors of the world had been vaporized in an alien attack, you likely wouldn’t take an ailing child to see a veterinarian, would you? I mean, your cat’s doc might get the diagnosis right, I suppose, and might even be able to write a prescription that does the trick.

201 HIGHWAY 15


I like this one a lot. This redbrick farmhouse is set on five fantastic, varied acres (field in front; Canadian shield out back) and has been restored and updated with a real empathy and love. It just might be the best house of its type that I’ve seen. Let me tell you some of the reasons why I say that.



the garage

We just bought a property. It’s the cinder-block garage pictured above, along with the lot it sits on. And I have little doubt that most of you glanced up and decided instantly that it’s one of the least inspiring bits of real estate you’ve seen, this year or any other, and that whatever I paid, it’s too much and I should have my head examined. And I hear you. But let me explain.



mark sinnett

There’s a good chance this is your first time on the site. It’s been in the works for several months, and intermittently alive and breathing on its own for maybe a dozen days. But it’s only the last week or so that I’ve started nudging it gently out into the world—the odd email here, a casual mention of it at the office, and finally a couple of small advertisements in the newspaper. However you got here, I’m glad you’ve come.


building inspector

I bought the house I now live in a couple of years before I decided to get into real estate. My partner and I had driven down from Toronto one weekend and looked at a couple of uninspiring places. But at the end of the visit our realtor handed us a fresh listing, and so we took a drive by. A crew was attaching fresh eavestroughs to a handsome brick and limestone semi, and the seller was good enough to invite us in.



1337 Waverley Cres

This house sold today!

1337 Waverley Crescent is a nicely updated sidesplit in Kingston's west end. The full listing is here and that's where you'll want to go for tax information and room dimensions, all the nitty gritty. The price, though, I should tell you immediately: it's $224,900. I've written about Bella Bistro elsewhere on this site. It's one of my favourite restaurants in Kingston and it's just down the road...


Some Of The Places I've Seen

In the coming months I’ll be describing some of the properties I’ve visited as part of my real estate business. Sometimes I’ll be writing simply because the house is cool, or interesting, or fabulous. And sometimes it’ll be because I’ve seen something (or someone) strange, or because it brings up an issue I think might interest you. You get the idea. Here’s the first.



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