The Screening Room

I like very much the new marquee for The Screening Room. It pleases me that the title of a good film or two will be offered up every time I walk by. My life, and Kingston's, will be enriched by its announcements.

And I absolutely love the vertical "Cinema" sign that's just been installed. There’s something so endearingly lo-fi about its white on black neon stylings. It could have been bolted just as easily to the side of a movie house in some English seaside town nearly a century ago. 

It is pretty much the perfect example of its kind. And it’s clever art too. The flares top and bottom bring to mind the light that pours into the darkness from a projector. It is a cinema sign, in other words, that belongs in the movies.


On the other hand I dislike intensely the sign for The Dollar Tree almost next door. The snotty, nearly radioactive green swath of it across the face of the building is a bludgeoning insult to the senses. There is a disrespectful air to it, a mute fuck you offered to those of all who pass. It is as wilful a blight on the downtown landscape as I can think of. The kindest interpretation is that the sign is meant as a public service, a warning that everything within is still off-gassing. There will be no picture of it here.


Here is the website for the The Screening Room.



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