Here’s a quick way to keep up-to-date with our listings and open houses. All of them are briefly noted, and there’s a link to the Realtor.ca write-ups, more photos and so on. I’ll write more about all of them in time. But it’s busy out there and these deserve your attention.




Saturday we're at 56 Main St in Elgin. And there are events village-wide!

Sunday we're opening 257 Montreal St.






257 Montreal St. A renovated two-bedroom detached home. $325,000.

49 Florence St. A Balsam Grove 5-bed home. $360,000.

203 York St. A detached 1.5 storey with garage downtown. $277,500.

199 Albert St. A four bedroom brick home (could be seven or even eight) at the University, with a studio at the bottom of the yard. $845,000.

140 Fairway Hill Crescent. A completely redone and altogether wonderful bunglaow near the golf course. $950,000.

56 Main St in Elgin. A very large red-brick home on a lot planted with fruit trees and rhubarb. $230,000.

444 Main St. Newburgh. An art gallery. A piece of history. $155,000.




A fruit belt project. In the 200s.

And plenty more. Some that we've just priced and hope to list, and homes being prepared for sale. So come back often.






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