SOLD. Among the things that I’ve learned as a realtor is that sometimes an unimpressive house will sell in a day, Similarly, a marvelous property will occasionally linger on the market for no good reason. However much we would like to pretend this business is a science, and we’re the leisure-suited explainers of its intricate rules and laws, truth is there can be a bewildering randomness to the real estate market, just as there is no explaining life in general. A jerk wins the lottery while a saint is struck down in the street.

You know where I’m going with this. I won’t belabour the point. I’m going to talk about a house that should have sold long ago.

5933 Battersea Rd is the address, just past the ancient and pretty lakeside village of Battersea. It’s comfortably under half an hour to downtown Kingston. The house is on your left as you round a good, sharpish curve. There’s a farm on your right, and this pretty century home on your left.  A river-rock driveway out front to announce your arrival. And inside a really splendid set of well-renovated spaces that offer wide-plank pine, or granite counters, or onyx tile, or views over a glorious landscape of verdant field and bright meadow, pink granite and Wedgewood skies.

The kitchen, complete with the coolest woodstove I’ve seen, is where I’d likely eat up the hours, I know myself, but the house is big enough to ramble in, and stake out a claim to some distant private corner. Or perhaps you’ll be out back on the deck surveying from there those 7 some acres that are all yours, including the small barn and the spring-fed duck pond.

There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms I suppose you need to know that. And the infrastructure has all been updated. It’s priced very reasonably at $335,000. You can confirm that for yourself, along with all the other nitty gritty, by checking out the Realtor.ca listing. The MLS number is 362890018. Or read more about it on the website. Then call me or Cheri so we can meet you out there and show you around.

If you do that, we can sell this place, that’s what I’m saying, and in doing that we’ll restore, even if it’s just to a very small degree, the proper order of things in the world. 


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