We have lots of new listings coming in the next few weeks, Cheri and I do. There’s a new and very modern house 20 minutes north of the city with poured concrete floors and views out to pink granite hills so pretty they just about make me want to weep.

There’s also a limestone triplex right downtown that has abundant character, and parking too. I reckon we’ll get a lot of calls from people wanting to make a single-family dwelling out of it.

There’s a very glamorous Tamarack home in the east end, with four bedrooms and even more bathrooms, professionally finished to the highest standards on three levels and backing onto green space. It’s nearly 4000 square feet of loveliness, is what it is.

There’s a three bedroom semi-detached home just north of McBurney park that doesn’t have a right angle in the whole place and we love it to death. That’s up next week.

There’s a detached home in the fruit belt with fireplace and beautiful gardens. It’s like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel, it really is. Well, actually it isn’t, but it’s damn nice.

So there are lots of reasons to stay tuned. Or to come back often. Or to call us. Yes, call us. Tell us you’d like us to list your house. Or help you look for a new one. We’d like that.

And I keep saying us, don’t I? And led this piece off with the announcement that “Cheri and I …” have this and that. Which is because we’re working together now. Which helps you. And us. These are exciting times.


* The photo up top is not being listed. It’s just a beautiful little converted schoolhouse or church, I think. I drove past it on the way to a place on Buck Lake this week. There was a deer skipping ahead of me on the road and a turkey vulture lifted off wearily as I drove past. Granite tonnage had rolled into the shallow waters and there are surely bears awake now in the long grass. Just saying it was a lovely way to start the day. Lonely, sure, in the way that beautiful things are made to be shared, but I'm not complaining.

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