I said a few months ago that I didn’t want to advertise very much in the Kingston Whig-Standard. I just don’t like the idea that I’m supporting a newspaper that exists primarily to generate advertising revenue, and cares so little any more about good writing, and good journalism. A newspaper that really seems to care so little about Kingston.

But it’s difficult. I have friends at the newspaper. And I recognize that there are a few dedicated journalists still plugging away down at the Woolen Mill. The last thing I’d want is to see those good people out of work. (I’ve given up hope, pretty much, of a better newspaper taking its place, or appearing to compete with The Whig).

And so I debate regularly the worth of those advertisements, the good I’m doing with that money (or the not-good); the return on my investment; the responsibility I have to my clients to publicize their homes as widely as possible.

And I don’t have a perfect answer. I firmly believe that newspaper advertisements don’t sell houses. And that my time and money is spent much more wisely drawing people to this site, where I can describe properties more completely. I can link a good bit of last year’s income directly to machinesforlivingin, but not one sale, or one client, looks to have come about because of a newspaper ad.

But perhaps, and this is where I struggle, some part of getting people to this site still involves advertising in the Whig. Like I said, it’s difficult. And I’m repeating myself here, boring us all to death, but going forward I’m going to advertise new listings and open houses in print, and also push the brand a bit, and then I’m going to stop. No extra ads just to make me feel useful. If there’s money left in the advertising budget (and there will be) I'll look for more community-oriented venues. And I’ll buy some shoes for the kids.

I’m not sure why I think you’ll care about any of this. I suppose I’m trying to impart that I take the job seriously. I’m also hoping you’ll understand that I’m trying to act in the best interests of a lot of different people here. It’s a balancing act. And I’m a juggler. I think there must be a song somewhere that sums it up better than I ever will. It just feels like a Talking Heads moment. Once in a Lifetime maybe. Any excuse to listen that song. (You'll have to sit through about ten seconds of Christopher Walken knitting, but hey that's a good thing, isn't it?)

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