$329 500

SOLD. The transformation of the Memorial Centre grounds in Williamsville the last few years is really quite thrilling. I like the look from the street of  the big outdoor pool and its towering red slides, the smart playground and the off-leash dog park. The newish trees all grown up now and the walkway around the old running track. Even the chip truck parked at the side of the parking lot, because it means people actually head for the site at all hours now.

The Sunday market is Kingston’s best, if you ask me, with its all-local breads and those damn churros, the brilliant dry cider from north of Bath, and the Ukrainian pierogies. There’s a celebratory atmosphere on the grounds these days, a real sense that we got something very right up there.

477 Alfred, just north of Pine, bears elegant witness to all this grand change. It’s a detached red-brick house on a lovely green lot, with a garage and an elevated deck way up in the trees. There are two bedrooms up and what could be a third on the main floor. It’s been extremely well-renovated, with wiring, windows, floors and walls, kitchen and bathroom all being lavished with attention. But this is no flip. This is a home much-loved, first by its current owner, and next perhaps by you. Call for more, and check out the tour right here.