$995 000

SOLD. This really extraordinary waterfront property, at the end of a long and winding paved driveway, and with some 3700 square feet of pristine finished living space, is a scant twenty minutes north of downtown Kingston on the shores of Dog Lake. 

I like the drive up there. It gives me some small amount of time to compose my thoughts, listen to a few new tunes, to unwind or gear up for the next appointment, depending on which direction I’m going. I like also that I can choose Battersea Road or Highway 15 and the travel time isn’t affected very much.

It’s at precisely the right remove from the city’s bustle, that’s what I’m saying. But it’s also far enough that the landscape is different. There is some exposed rock up here, some hints of the Canadian Shield.

To describe the house itself as merely an open-plan bungalow would be to undersell it by a lot. The finishes are exceptional, as good as any we’ve seen, with ceilings somewhere off in the distance and a floor plan modern and striking. Everything is in its right place here. A splendid watch is built the same way. The finest galleries. 

There are two wonderful bedrooms on the main floor and more down below in the finished walkout basement, which also houses a brilliant living room and a library that makes me want to write as well as read, and even a butler’s pantry to house the oysters and the champagne. There are two fireplaces and three bathrooms, there are walls of glass, there are decks and patios and balconies. There are spots in the house that will make you see the world differently.

One of my favourite views is down the slope from the house to the saltwater swimming pool. There is the real sense from the deck, or the living room, of living at altitude, of peering down into some Alpine meadow or, more reasonably, a Muskoka resort. I picture my kids down there, or my guests. I hear their laughter and the way it mixes, like a fine cocktail, with the warm air pushing lightly between the trees. 

Beyond the pool are verdant lawns that lead down to the waterfront. The dock is shaded by mature trees and the lily pads have gathered there like so many emeralds. This is not a part of the lake to dive into, it is a spot from which to contemplate the altogether pleasing state of the world in Maple Hill Estates. A kayak or canoe is your passport to the world.

The tour is a very good one and access is right here. You’ll enjoy this.

And the mls® details are here. Call us for more - lists of renovations, times we can show you the house, and so on.