$310 000

SOLD. I go through a lot of awful apartments.  Hallways like something from The Shining, full of rank, wet shag carpets in coral pink and avocado green. Walls that have been treated as punching bags. Refrigerators lined with green and brown lichen is how it looks - like an art exhibition with all the patrons plodding through wide-eyed and with facemasks.


I’ve lived in places like that too. I remember a potting shed turned into a bachelor, out back of a Bay St townhouse. And in another place, a rat in the midnight toilet, squealing like a baby.


But we move on. We grow up. The better landlords among us try to create decent spaces we could live in ourselves, if things were different, if circumstance required it.


And then there are the exceptional properties. With good floorplans and good windows. With level floors and nice sightlines. Toilets that don’t run all night. Flat, well-painted walls. Appliances that won’t ruin the roast, and a landlord who picks up the phone and sends a real plumber, not just Joe from down the street with his Leatherman and his leaden tool belt. Pull your pants up, Joe.


36 Markland St is one of those very good ones. A spacious one-bedroom, character-full apartment on the ground floor that brings in $1018 per month, and a two bedroom unit that’s equally nice up above ($1119.50 per month) Lots of hardwood flooring and lots of light, good kitchens and baths, in-unit laundry. All this makes for contented tenants, of course. 


And the vinyl-sided building is in very good condition, with no major expenses on the foreseeable horizon. Which means you buy this and you still get to sleep at night. 


The landlord covers the utilities, which isn’t perfect from an investment perspective, but hey, it’s important to give good tenants some security too. That’s how the world should work more often.


We like this property. It represents a good, solid investment opportunity. It sits opposite the Mulberry Waldorf School. And a doctor’s office is reportedly going in down in the little plaza on Montreal. The Elm is two blocks away. And then it’s the dentist’s office. In the other direction, south, you’re at Artillery park, with its swish pool and gym in maybe five six minutes. And that’s walking.


Call us and we’ll fill in some more details for you. Or we’ll give the tenants some notice and then take you through the place. Here’s the realtor.ca version of things.