$230 000

SOLD. You have a wishlist. Top of that list is the fact that you want a big brick century home on a double lot stuffed with fruit trees and rhubarb. 

To be a little more specific, you’d like that house to sit middle of a pretty village with all the amenities and surrounded by lakes and Canadian Shield landscapes. Some resilient farmers’ fields too.

A parlour in addition to the standard living and dining would be nice, with some pale hardwood floors. You’ve always liked the idea of a parlour. And a sunroom off to the side. 

An eat-in country kitchen would be grand too. And four bedrooms. yes, now we’re talking. You need all that space for the kids, and everyone else who’ll come to visit. An attic while we’re at it, like something out of a Victorian novel, with a ping pong table already set up and a scorecard hanging from the rafter. 

And to top it all off, you’d really like an addition at the back that would make for a brilliant in-law suite, something to off-set the modest mortgage. 

But it’s an impossible quest, you say, I know that. And you sigh dramatically, the back of your hand set moist against your forehead. 

But then 56 Main St appears for sale, not far from Newboro and Westport, and 45 minutes from Kingston. And so you call, all out of breath, for more details. Tell me more, you say. You’re pulling my leg, you say. You’ve been talking to Joe. Did Joe put you up to this?

But no it’s all true, there’s no conspiracy. And so you visit. And then, wildly, a month or two later, you pick up the keys….

Could happen. That’s all I’m saying. And why shouldn’t it? The place is lovely. 

Here’s the tour.