$329 900

Last summer Sam bought me a cherry-red kayak and I strapped it to a wobbly little cart and walked it down to the Cataraqui River, just a couple of hundred meters away. I passed this new listing at 7 Charles St on the way.

Which is my way of telling you this one is close to the river, sure (which, think about it, means you’re a boat ride from just about anywhere in the world). And the woolen mill is down at the shore too, with its climbing gym and restaurant and spa and sad old newspaper. And it’s close to the downtown core, because I walk from here to there in about eleven minutes, which isn’t too bad considering I’m getting on a bit.

So it has location going for it. And if you check out the listing you’ll see that it’s also undergone a really classy renovation, and goes up two and a half storeys, and that the people who live here have discovered that life has to be mighty fine if you spend some of it on their shaded back deck.

About the only downside, as far as I can tell, is that you’ll have to put up with me walking the kayak past your front door once in a while, trying to slow it down before I slide into traffic on Rideau St. But even that’s solvable. I can take another route, if you prefer, no problem. Or I can just sell the thing, buy myself a new bike. Here are the Realtor.ca details.