$385 000

The pretty stucco exterior and the serene rock garden out front. The vines insinuating themselves into the picture up top. The long dark driveway. The light bouncing off the pool and dappling the deck and balcony. Those are among the first things you notice. 


And so you should. It’s a good scene. One that speaks to the quality of the property and of the lifestyle on offer here. But none of these even hint at the exuberant, rich interior at this four-bedroom two-bath Regent St home. We can’t remember being so struck before by the sheer force of personality in a home.  


The interior doors, some of them, are painted in a Versailles green and gold. It’s quite marvellous. The zebra striping, here, the scarlet wall there. You expect Sophia Coppola to appear at the other end of the hall, and for cameras to be slobbering at the windows. Surely the all-star cast is resting up in the pool shed. 


There’s the granite chimney around the gas fireplace - it shouldn’t work but it absolutely does. And the twin chandeliers, one over the dining table and the other over the foot of the chaise longue (in leopard print, of course).  The kids’ names painted all Lewis Carroll into the stair risers. There are bold choices in every room, special effects achieved that I had no idea I wanted to see. I walk through these rooms and am transported to, I don’t know, the Hollywood Hills circa 1930?


It’s a bit much, you might think, but hold on, give your head a shake. In some ways it’s not quite enough. It’s a vision I want to see pushed to its outer limit. The universe reduced to its elemental formula in a stucco shell. What we have here is a delirious, giddy sort of house that will shake up the way you look at interior design.


I’m a white wall kind of guy. I want light and steel and cedar and not much else. Or so I thought. You need to take a spin through the virtual tour. We could sell tickets, I swear.


The more grounded among you will note also the central location, the corner windows, and the way light moves through the house. The side entrance that provides in-law potential, and the sliding doors out to the grand old deck around the pool with its blow-up flamingos all adrift.