$325 000

SOLD. This absolutely adorable detached home with parking is located at the centre of The Fruit Belt, on the same block as Friendship Park and a scant five-minute walk from McBurney. 

In other words, you're right downtown. And let me say this straight up: this particular tangle of quiet streets is one of very favourite parts of Kingston. I’m lucky enough to have listed and sold a lot of houses on these few blocks and every one of them has charmed me, and surprised me. I love all the little lanes, and the slightly mad intersection at Chestnut and Cherry, the little triangles of garden. The tall and the short houses, the brick and the dressed stone.

13 Chestnut fits right in. 

It looks from the outside like a very small house. And while it is never going to feel like Windsor Castle inside (and let’s be thankful for that), you will be impressed at the smart organization of rooms in here, and by the high ceilings and big windows. There is the sense, even, that you have entered Dr Who’s Tardis (a reference that most of you would quite rightly have had to google, if I hadn’t added a link for you).

The house has been really well-renovated, by the previous and the present owners. Lots of good hardwood, and designer colours, and fresh shingles, smart design choices every which way. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms, high-ceilinged living and dining rooms, a pretty bathroom, and at the back of the house a good modern kitchen with stainless appliances. The loft above all this is a glorious, pale space with exposed beams and makes for the most decadent of master bedrooms. 

There is a very small fenced yard, but also a new deck at the front of the house. I’d be out there most mornings with the newspaper or, when all the din from south of the border grows too loud, a good novel. 

The virtual tour is here, and you really should check it out. The MLS® listing will be here any second.


*If there are early offers, they will be reviewed on the 14th at 7 pm.