$475 000

SOLD. It’s a very special place, this one, and to be honest, it caught me completely off-guard. Not so much the fact that it’s a good house on a quiet street, full of nice things, nice sightlines, windows, views over the pool etc. I was expecting all of that. It’s more the depth of the feelings it set off. This isn’t just a good Bayridge home. It’s a unique one, stuffed with really good ideas and great art, and I think it represents a rare opportunity. 

I ran an agent open house this morning and the realtors who showed up were expansive and cheerful and relaxed. They felt positively about the space around them, you could tell. And I expect the same will be true of whoever buys this spacious family home. It has personality and charm, is what I’m saying. And, well, that’s just not true of every address, as you well know.

794 Arundel Place is set at the end of a quiet street on an unusually large and very private lot surrounded by trees. That’s your short version. The garden, though, with its in-ground pool and its verdant hedges, its lawns, its multi-level decks, is more like something from an exclusive country estate that you’ve managed miraculously to book for the long weekend. You’d never know you were in Bayridge. 

You could set up a volleyball court (and damn near a tennis court) on the grass, if that’s your style, and have enough room left over for a blanket and a pitcher of Sangria, scatter a few new beach-reads here and there. And the pool, with its wall of cedar to one side and its lovely grey-wood surround, is entirely isolated from the outside world. Clothing, as they say, is mostly optional.

The house itself is spread over five well-finished levels. There are five bedrooms, a studio, and a 600 s.f. master suite with its own fireplace, ensuite, walk-in closet, sitting area and even a little balcony that looks back up the way you came. It’s something else, it really is, and nicely separated from the rest of the family hubbub. 

The kitchen is lovely too, modern, with a commercial stainless sink. And the family room downstairs is arranged perfectly around another fireplace and sliding doors to the gardens. When I walked into the that room the first time, I just shook my head, I know I did. I thought by that point the house had revealed all its secrets and I was pleased at how wrong I was.

We could go on. And on. It’s marvelous. We both think you’ll like it too. Here’s the virtual tour. You’ll be on this for a while. But if when you’re done you’d like to see the MLS listing too, it'll be right here shortly.

We’ll do an open house on Saturday June 30, and look at any early offers on July 1. And yes, I know, it’s the long weekend. But can you imagine how good you’d feel every Canada Day from here on in, if you bought the best house out there on this year’s holiday?