$247 500

This pretty townhouse condominium complex was built in the late 1970s, and it’s difficult but not impossible to imagine the Bee Gees, wrapped in very white, very thick towels, flip-flopping along the short path from Number 71 to the sun-hit pool on some down-day afternoon. I’m not saying Barry, Robin, and Maurice actually stayed here on their 1979 Canadian tour, just that I can see it, and what’s more I see them enjoying themselves in this quiet enclave far from the madding crowds, oblivious to the fact that disco has just about run its course. 


It has that every-day-is-a-holiday sort of vibe, this clever arrangement of two-storey homes. I can remember staying in similar surroundings for a week or two in Devon as a boy. There was an arcade full of kids at the entrance, and in the glittering distance the fine sands and heaving blue expanses of the Atlantic, the forever whiff of fish and chips.


115 Wright Crescent isn’t like that, at least not now. It’s all grown up, settled into an elegant and rather serene middle-age (we should all be so lucky). The trees have matured and someone at the management company has taken those trees very seriously. They’ve been pruned and groomed into elegant silhouettes that add a swanky sort of glamour to these shaded walkways.  The pool, whenever I’ve been there, has been empty, its surface like a perfect picture of blue summer skies set into a pale concrete frame. It’s a good scene, and a very respectable life, a picture you can insert yourself into, come to think of it, if the timing and the budget is right.


#71 is a traditional unit, all laid out with good thick carpets, and a kitchen with sold wood cabinets, and a view over the sink to the front gardens so you can watch the hushed comings and goings. At the back there are sliding doors out to a little patio bordered with flower boxes. I’d camp out there with a glass of wine and some Knaussgard, to me that’s the height of decadence, but however your tastes run I think you’d find this a decent spot to indulge them.


There’s a new shower in the finished basement, along with a rec room and laundry room, and even a small workshop. There are three perfectly decent bedrooms up top. As I said, it’s a traditional spot with no big surprises. And at a certain point - whether you’re just starting out or beginning to wind down - no surprises is exactly what you want. 


You’re a short walk from the library too, and the YMCA, and the Kingston Centre with Loblaws and The Jiffy Grill, the pet food stores, and all the buses congregating there after timed excursions to points both near and far. 


There are more pictures of the condo and a good virtual tour here. I like very much how pale the decor is. The images seem like stills from a film, a wan, keening melodrama or - and I don’t know if you’ll see this - a sci-fi flick, the spaces beyond the frames full of otherworldly intelligences and acute philosophical quandaries. A muted disco soundtrack.


The realtor.ca listing (we are still talking real estate here, after all) is around here somewhere.