$294 900

SOLD. 524 Bagot St. Just north of Raglan Rd on the west side of the street. A two-bedroom two bathroom townhouse renovated to a high standard and with a stone courtyard behind the house. No parking spot, but do you really need one? 


Those are the barest of details, but they paint an attractive picture, don’t they? To my mind they suggest a possible life for you spent at the city’s heart, and warm twilight meanders up to the park or down to the river.  I imagine animated conversations about whatever movie it is you just saw at The Screening Room. Then a bottle of wine perched atop an iron cafe table out back with a cedar shim under one of its legs to keep it level. A bird the colour of Wedgewood on the telephone wire. The window open early in the mornings so the sounds of the street can filter in. Kids on their way up to Central Public, for example, their backpacks weighing them down.


It’s that sort of place. A place where you’re concerns are modest. Is there coffee in the freezer? Did we buy bread? Because priced below $300,000 you won’t lose sleep over your mortgage payments.


You don’t really need me to say more, do you? Just look at the pictures. The colours of honey and chocolate and the spring’s warm sun all over them.


The full tour, and you don’t even need a ticket, is right here. The usual realtor.ca is here.