$175 000

SOLD. Not long after the sign went up this morning at 145 Charles St, I got an email from a friend who lives down the street. Find us a good neighbour, will you? That was the gist of it. And when I stood in the backyard of this modest two-bedroom home to get photo of the yard, I realized that I know the neighbours at the back of this house. Same to the east, and across the street to the south. If my eyesight were better I could make out my own place down past the lights at Montreal St. The Elm is down that way too. And McBurney is just up the hill. Artillery Park is a ten-minute walk, and The Wok-In is another five. It’s well-located, that’s what I’m saying.


The house itself is a blank slate upon which to sketch your own design ideas. The old plaster ceilings are down in spots and the old beams have been revealed. I’’d leave it that way. A friend did that with a house down on Bagot St and the effect was marvelous. It would suit this one too. I think you can probably refinish the floors on the ground floor, but upstairs I’d run something new through those spaces and, though this runs counter to common sense, I’d be tempted to pull the two bedrooms together, and create a condo-like home here, only without the condo fees and the party room with the empty nacho bag on the corner of the counter next to the instant coffee and the limp streamers. Find yourself a smart shiny kitchen, and upstairs I’d want a walk-in shower, and laundry too.


So yes, there’s work to be done here. But that’s why the house is priced at $175,000. When was the last time you saw that tag attached to a house in these parts? The way I see it you’re investing into the best neighbourhood in the city, becoming a part of something larger than you, something vital and bright and just plain exciting. 


The listing is here.