$155 000

SOLD! This  large and really interesting 19th century building close to the tumbling river in the fabulous hamlet of Newburgh (the limestone homes such a pale yellow here, the trees so green, the bakery and ice cream shop so impossible to drive by) was used most recently as an art gallery, with living quarters above. With its mixed residential and commercial zoning that sort of future may well make sense again. Or open a bookstore, perhaps. Or let it live on as an inspiring studio space. All sorts of futures are possible here. Upstairs, where the Masons used to gather for their meetings (the stage is still there, and the robing room, and the air seems vibrant still with the memory of all those coded movements and ceremonies), is a kitchen and bathroom and pretty bedroom, along with the main hall, and several more bedrooms are feasible. You could comfortably live up here and rent the main floor, that’s what I’m saying. There have been numerous improvements made in recent years, most notably the gas furnace and ductwork, along with lots of windows and doors. The front of the building is brick, and the rear is an imposing limestone framed by blossom trees. The whole thing is downright marvellous. I want it (along with all the books and the art, the sensibility of the place). I can’t possibly have it, but you can.


Here is the grand tour.