59 Markland St - SOLD!

$259 900
59 Markland St - SOLD!

These are good times to live in Prince Edward County, it would seem. Artist Don Maynard and writer Melanie Dugan moved there from Kingston this summer. And a couple of years back it was teacher Keri Nelson and filmmaker Lenny Epstein. I don’t know if that move was countered by others moving this way, to Kingston, but I’d say the County did pretty well. Lenny is now a councilor there too, and his is a good and progressive voice.

I’ve been thinking about them, and that shortish migration a bit this week because it’s Lenny’s and Keri’s place that I’ve just listed on Markland St. And they bought it, coincidentally enough, from Don and Melanie a few years back.

59 Markland is a pretty board and batten place that you could move into tomorrow and not lift a finger for years, probably. The softwood floors downstairs are great, and the floorplan is family friendly. The garden is fenced, and there’s a workshop out there. And it has four bedrooms, which isn’t the most common set-up in the neighbourhood. And the old farmhouse kitchen sink is something I’d want to hang on the wall, throw a frame around it and stare at every day. But it’s also the sort of place I can see someone wanting to renovate. It could use a bigger bathroom upstairs (there’s certainly room for something more lavish) and a second bathroom on the ground floor too. The laminate floors upstairs aren’t going to make you giddy with pleasure either, but Lenny and Keri had the place rented and it made sense at the time, and besides, they’re an easy fix.

It’s a good house that’s well-priced, that’s what it comes down to, I think, whatever your future plans may be. The Realtor.ca listing is here. And the virtual tour is here.