$274 900

I read of a study once that suggested the intense scent of lemons could provoke happiness, cause great blooms of activity in the human mood centres, at least as they are picked up by the MRI machines. So I promptly went out and bought a dozen Meyer lemons, put them in a nice bowl on the kitchen counter. They made me happy. Then I put my face down close to them, basically rolled my head around in there for a minute. When I pulled myself together I was ecstatic for nearly a week.

This little lemon-yellow house on Frontenac St has the same effect on me, so it’s obviously not just the smell, it’s the colour itself. And perhaps you’ll drop by the open house on Sunday April 26 and see for yourself if it doesn’t make you want to buy the world a Coke, or give it a big kiss. I think it might. I really do.

I’m being flippant where I shouldn’t be, perhaps. The seller  is paying me good money to sell her house, after all. But truth is, she and her partner have done such fine work here that I really do feel that all I have to do is bring it to your attention and you’ll fall for its charms.

(The listing, by the way, for those of you sick to death of my going on like this, and looking for a shortcut, is here.)

The loft is what does it for me (that and the view from the loft of the greenhouse at the back of the yard that conjures a childhood in England. But the greenhouse is sold to a friend and doesn’t go with the house, so I really should have kept quiet.). It’s a loft that takes up the whole second floor. I think I measured it at 32 feet deep from front window to back. And it has decent headroom, and a sitting area separated neatly from the sleeping area by the stairs rising up from the back of the dining room. It’s a room that makes you nod your head in some sort of tacit acceptance of its splendour even before you’ve reached the top step. Scatter a few lemons randomly up here and I reckon your head would explode.

Downstairs is a good renovated kitchen that gives onto the living/dining room with its fireplace and its lovely old windows and its fine selection of mid-century teak (hi there, Tribute Decor!). It’s the sort of spot that makes me yearn for its pared down simplicity in my own home (I’m getting there) and also reminds me obscurely of the condos in the Annandale building.

There are two bedrooms at the rear of the house, away from the street noise, and the streetlights, and a door out to the deck, and from there to the deep yard (sans greenhouse any day now), and the detached stucco garage.

All of this is a stone's throw from the revitalized Memorial Centre grounds and the aquatic centre too. And who knows, maybe there will be a school up at the Nelson St end of that land too some day soonish.

So there you have it. Some citrusy thoughts on a new listing that, you guessed it, makes me pretty happy. And also one that won’t last long. Trust me.