$340 000

Corrigan St. If you’re trying to place the address, it’s just north of Raglan Rd and runs between Rideau and Bagot. There’s a cool old farmhouse on the north side of the street, and a view across the Cataraqui River of Barriefield and St Mark’s Church in Barriefield. It’s a view that reminds me obscurely of the views over the fields from high up in Garsington, outside Oxford.


In other words it feels a very old street somehow. Its name feels ripped from the first almanac. Strange, then, that in 1978 it attracted a rare infill project, and four semi-detached homes were constructed in the middle of the block on the south side. A hundred years after the street was first developed. There are a couple more of these disco-era designs on Bay St, but that’s about it. Since then, construction in the area has been limited. A row of townhomes on Rideau, behind the old shipyards, and another row of red-brick towns on Bagot St. Done. Building lots are as rare nearly as cougars now.


And I think that rarity will draw a crowd to this new listing. Sure, there are those who will reject it, who prefer the burnished pine of the century homes, the tilting clapboards. And I get that. But there are others out there who, while aching for the downtown lifestyle, are less keen on all the limestone basements with their bedrock floors and seasonal streams. Those who prefer new windows to leaded glass, level floors to humped and gappy strip flooring. Those who want closets! And parking. A nice new deck off the sliding doors in the new kitchen with its granite counters. Air conditioning. A two-piece bath at the door when you come in, where it should be. A family room down below with a gas fireplace. And a big utility room with laundry in it. A house in other words that won’t demand you pay it lavish attention each month, and that you keep a few thousand in a separate bank account each year because, well, it’s thrown another fit.


And if you’re one of those people, 10 Corrigan is going to tick an awful lot of boxes for you. The stainless appliances in the kitchen - look at how they actually fit into the spaces between the cabinets, which are in turn secured at perfect right angles to the perfect walls. And did you notice how warm it is in there, how there are no cold spots around the doorways, no ice on the inside of the windows?


I’m exaggerating the differences between this house and its older neighbours for effect. I know that. I’m writing this from my old funhouse kitchen and wouldn’t have it any other way. But you understand what I’m going for here, the point I’m trying to make.  What you have here essentially is a new home within sight of the water and a five-minute walk from The Elm, ten minutes in the other direction to The Pig, and Saigon Delights, the splashy sidewalks of Princess. In my book that makes it an exciting new listing.


The tour, with its twist and turns, its floorplans, is here. The realtor.ca listing is here.