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$239 000

SOLD! 478 Kirkwood Rd is off Castell Rd, which is off Days Rd, which is off Bath Rd just west of Gardiners Rd. Got it? If you live right downtown, as I do, it might be enough to know that it’s about half way to Amherstview, or that it’s a five-minute drive from Home Depot, and the movie theatres...


$715 000

SOLD. 162 Earl St has already sold. It’s at the heart of Sydenham ward and it dates to 1867, and it’s big and ranges over 2.5 storeys, and there’s a heated studio in the back garden, and there are wonderful views of the courthouse from several windows. So that helps


$209 900

SOLD When I was a kid, growing up in an ancient village just outside Oxford in England, I was, for a few months, studying the Canadian Shield, and the effects of glaciation on the Ontario landscape. It was a distant, largely unimaginable land, so hard-seeming and unforgiving, compared to the green valleys and fish-full streams I was used to.


Kington Writersfest is upon us again, which means it’s another very good week to be in Kingston. It runs from Wednesday September 23rd through Sunday the 27th. It’s been five years since I had a book to promote there and it feels like it might be another five years before I’m ready with the next one. Not that I’m complaining. Well not too much. But I’m a lucky guy in that I do get to participate in other ways.


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