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Fenghua Bridge, Marc Mimram

I’ve talked before about how the interesting people I meet are a big part of the satisfaction I derive from this job as realtor. A couple of weeks ago I met a new client at my Helen St listing (now sold). Liu lives in China and her daughter is at school here.



My son, Lucian, has been reading through collections of miscellany lately. After school he steals away to his room with his latest Bathroom Reader (they’re better than they sound), and he emerges around supper with his head full of new little nuggets. He’d be all the rage at cocktail parties. Last week, for example, he revealed with a great deal of pride that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the first American poet to have indoor plumbing.


$309 900

SOLD. 664 Old Hillview Road is a very spacious and grand old stucco house sitting proudly on a hill overlooking Collins Bay. I find it interesting in several ways. First of all, it’s a big house. I haven’t measured it but it’s comfortably over 2500 square feet, I reckon, and it has five bedrooms. You don’t see a lot of older houses of that size, it has a pleasant sprawl to it, and I suspect that the living room at the rear is an addition.


$294 900

A place where you don’t have to worry about too much. Because the roof is good, and the basement is dry. Because the walls aren’t all marked up, and the hardwood isn’t scratched and the carpet isn’t stained. A place that isn’t too big, but also not so small you feel you’re on top of each other all the time.

There comes a time in life for a lot of people when these are the criteria written in bold at the top of the wishlist.

Modern Eon vs Patchwork Gardens - A Weekly Round-Up

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales

The Teardrop Explodes formed in Liverpool in the late 1970s. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Or at least of their loopy lead singer Julian Cope, who’s held up remarkably well. Echo & The Bunnymen were formed about the same time as Teardrop. In fact, for a while Ian McCullough, lead for the Bunnymen, was a bandmate of Cope’s. That’s a lot of talent to try to contain on one stage.

Modern Eon came out of the same city, at about the same time. But even if you’re familiar with the other two, and are sympathetic to the punk and New Wave music of late 70s, early 80s England, you might well have missed them.




I wrote this piece about the great Montreal band Esmerine a few months ago. But today I heard that they'll be playing in Kingston at Chalmers Church on November 4th. This is exciting news. Now I don't get out as much as I used to, but this is different. See you there.



Sadiqa de meijer


There’s an awful lot of bad poetry written in Canada. I expect, to be honest, that when I open a new volume these days I’m going to be disappointed. I reckon we have no more than a handful of really impressive poets at work, and a few dozen decent ones. But much more than that gets published. It’s sad, really – all that false hope, all that wasted time and paper, that bad press for the art form. My most common reaction to a new book of poems is this: The world really didn’t need that. 


$429 900

UPDATE: THIS HOUSE SOLD FIRM AFTER ONE DAY ON THE MARKET. I’m pretty excited about 25 Parkwood Place (the listing is here and the virtual tour here). This marvelous 2-storey brick home at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac sits on a large and gracious treed lot. It’s a private, light-filled home, and I’m thrilled to have it listed now.


Grizzly Bear. Shields.

Grizzly Bear, the important rock band out of Brooklyn New York, released a new album today and before breakfast I had it loaded onto the Mac and the Ipod. An hour later I was in the car, and shortly after that I think it’s fair to say I was smitten. You can check out the Pitchfork review here. It’s a more muscular sound this time around, to my ear anyway, something a bit noisier, and I appreciate that. I’ve always found their music, until now, a bit languid and somehow a touch unapproachable, like a beautiful woman reading Virginia Woolf. Which is another way of saying, perhaps, that I felt a bit out of my league.

The Advice Columnist

Woman With Underwood

I wrote to the style advisor at a men’s magazine. A woman improbably named Lucy St. Bon-Bon St. Jean. To be honest, her advice, boiled down to its monthly essence, has always struck me as idiotic: “Only bald men wear hats”; “Tan lines are for narcissistic teens”; “Just above the ankle bone is the answer to your question, unless your waist is larger than your inseam, in which case avoid altogether”; and “Not unless you’re drunk. What were you thinking?”


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